The mediums I use to tell my stories are tangled together. drawing intermingles with sculpture, and sculpture with stop-motion animation. These are the tools I use to translate my stories into artwork. The narratives I create are built upon the creativity that was nurtured by alternative education as a child.


Drawing attracts me due to its accessible nature, the ability to sketch my thoughts and inspirations wherever I am. Fascinated with the emotions in faces that are so delicately hidden, I capture them in my notepad, getting lost in the lines that weave a character’s story.


The malleability of clay creates endless possibilities, with earth under my nails I carve out the details of a face or spin a formless shape into a vessel. Utilitarian pottery allows me to create pieces that blur the line between fine-art, and coffee in the morning.


The stories that play out in my head are often unsatisfied being confined in a frozen state, stop-motion animation was the key to breaking them out. My life is often overcome by vivid daydreams, stories that play out about people I see, or inanimate object personalities.


Through the creations that exist inside me I’m able to share my perspective with the world, and

create a connection with people near and far.

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